Whether you are sharing a beer with your mates or
cocktails with the ladies, alcohol has truly become one
of the defining features of the human experience. Today
we are faced with a plethora of choice from the Tuskers
to the exotic spirits.

In the past decade another competitor has been thrown
into the ring: Wine. With reds, whites, rosés, sparkling,
dessert, and fortified styles on offer from all around the
world, there is now even more diversity. By being aware
of a few key points, you will find that wine actually
offers a lot of value.

Before I begin, a few points to consider:
i) This article is written in the context of being on a
second or third date. Wine is more conducive to
creating a casual social experience and building
ii) This article is not arguing that wine is somehow
better than spirits or beers. It’s just that there’s a time,
place and occasion for everything.
With that taken care of, let’s get into the 5 reasons why
getting a bottle of wine is a good bet:

1. Wine Is Classier
Wine has benefited from a great marketing campaign for
the past few decades, and there’s no denying that its
public image is tied to the finer things in life.
Imagine you are in a bar or lounge. You spot a man
having drinks with a woman. If they’re drinking beers,
they’re probably just friends hanging out. If they’re
drinking cocktails, the guy wants to get laid and the girl
might just be fishing for drinks.

But if they’re drinking wine? They’re a couple of people
having a good time, getting to know each other. Don’t
be a snob. Relax, be social and act with grace.

2. Wine Is Cheaper
If you’re similar to me and like to have a good time,
you’re not just going to order one kawaida drink and
call it a night. You’ll be ordering a Mojito next, followed
by a Margarita, then a Daiquiri for dessert. That’s if the
lady can handle it. I love spoiling a lady to the limit.

Things add up if you feel the situation calls for buying
drinks for your date as well.

A Nairobi lady will drink several bottle of beer but won’t
drink several bottles of wine. So your pocket will also
be on the safer side.

3. Fewer Interruptions
Imagine you’re sitting on a lounge with your date.

You’re having a good time, talking about love and the
secrets of the universe when she suddenly points out
that both your cocktail glasses are empty. And the
bottles are empty too. You have to call the waiter and
wait. This creates to much interruptions. A bottle of
wine solves this problem simply. Her glass is empty?
Smoothly pick up the bottle and pour her another

4. You Drink More
All you have to do is pour less each time. I like to use
two or three fingers to measure the height of the liquid
in the glass. With practice, you don’t even need the
fingers to measure, free pouring perfectly each time.

If anyone (like your date) asks why you are drinking so
slowly, tell them you just like to take your time to
appreciate the wine. Less liquid in the glass means you
can swirl more vigorously, releasing more aromas. And
why is everyone in a rush to drink? Why not slow down
and have a good time? Smile confidently as you say

Make a game out of it. Teach her how to engage the
senses. What colours do you see? What do you smell?
What do you taste? How does it feel in your mouth

5. You Drink Less
Most wines hover around 10%-15% alcohol by volume.
Compare this to most spirits which regularly go over
the 40% mark.

If you’re on a date, you don’t want to impair your
judgement just because you’ve had one drink too many.
Just one badly calibrated move can result in you
scaring the cat. After a few shots of tequila, your
calibration might be off. Is now the right time to go for
the kiss? Have you built up enough rapport? Was that
her licking her lips or just a nervous tic?

With wine, you are free to moderate your intake by
pouring less, basking in that comfortable zone between
mundane sobriety and total inebriation. Have a
conversation. Flirt a little. Sit back, relax, and smell the
rosés. There’s more to life and seduction than furiously
banging out one-night stands in club bathrooms.


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