NTV Uganda’s Kleith Kyatuhaire


In this age of the internet, smart phones and malicious people, it can happen to anyone. What am I talking about? The ‘leakage’ of nude photos which seems to have become the norm due to the increasing surge of ‘revenge porn’ by spurned lovers .

NTV Uganda’s Kleith Kyatuhaire’s life has become a waking nightmare after some spiteful human being decided to leak her naked photos .Kleith says that she had taken the photos years ago in the privacy of her home with no intentions of distributing them to anyone. But the past has come to bite her in the behind and almost ruined her life.




Despite the whole mess, Kleith has tried to be level-headed in this situation and seemed quite fine when she sent out this apology to her fans and family after the regrettable incidence.

“I cannot go back in time…hit a reset button or delete those images out of your heads, I’ll take the available option, which is to apologize. To the parents, who expect more of their daughters, my parents, who have taught me better, my dear family, whose esteem i wish not to lose, my work, my loving fans and especially the youth who I have always tried to inspire through strength, honesty, virtue and piety. I am sorry. I pray that God strengthen me through this time. And that the divulgers be apprehended.” she wrote.

Now Big Eye Ug reports that, Kyatuhaire has allegedly gone into hiding and is allegedly on suicide watch with one of her concerned friends saying that “Kleith’s whereabouts remain a mystery since her nudes leaked. We only hope she is fine.”