Mbita MP, Millie Odhiambo

Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo is arguably the most
outspoken and controversial of all the women
parliamentarians in the August House. A woman driven
by zeal and desire for equality, Millie has never shied
from facing challenges that come her way head on.

He has locked horns with the mighty and powerful in
the August House and this explains why her ability to
tackle anybody is not only revered but also feared.

It was late last year when Millie caused mayhem in
Parliament during the passing of the controversial
security laws. Here, Millie was among those who
fervently opposed the laws and her confrontation with
male colleagues led to an altercation where MP Moses
Kuria slapped her.

Millie went on to pulls down her pánts in protest of
what she said was séxual violence directed at her by
some male MPs during the mayhem.

Millie has now come out to explain why she removed
her pánts in the house. Speaking to the Nairobian ,
Millie said that she removed the pánts to help the MPs
who wanted to strip her and leave her nákéd.

She says she did so to make it easier for them because
they wanted to see her nákéd.