Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal insists he is still confident of a top four finish, ahead of his side’s Premier League clash with Tottenham.
Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal believes his club record signing Angel Di Maria will be at Old Trafford next season, but he said he would be sympathetic to the Argentine winger’s desire if he expressed a wish to leave the club.

Di Maria has struggled on the pitch since his 59.7 million pound move from Real Madrid last summer, with his acclimatization in England believed to have been complicated by a break-in at his family home that took place while his wife was present at the property.

Reports have suggested that Di Maria has now put that house up for sale, sparking suggestions that he is not happy at United, with Van Gaal offering these comments on his out of form star man when pressed by UK Sunday newspaper reporters.

“Will he be here next season?” Van Gaal pondered. “As a manager, you can never say no or yes because the player at the end shall always decide, but I don’t think he shall move.

“Despite his incident with his wife at home, he is very pleased to be here at Manchester United.”

Angel Di Maria is content at Old Trafford, his manager says.
When asked whether he would consider allowing Di Maria to leave if he the player concluded he is not happy at United, Van Gaal confirmed he would be open to such a discussion.

“I’m always like that,” he stated. “When you see my history — that’s part of my philosophy.

“A player is not just a man who kicks the ball from A to B. Also, his environment is influencing him. So, I shall always be open for that conversation, but I know also the commercial interests of the club and we have to respect that.

“You cannot give a lot of money for a player and then next season put him out of your selection. I think that he shall stay because what I have seen in his reaction, after the defeat and after his red card against Arsenal, is very good. I like his attitude.”

Di Maria will sit out Sunday’s Premier League game against Tottenham due to suspension following his sending off against the Gunners last Monday.


Photo; BBC.COM

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