American and Indian scientists working in the United States have invented a new condom that can kill the HIV virus and enhance sexual pleasure.

The researchers at the Texas A&M University Health Science Centre developed the condom which contains plant-based antioxidants, that kill the HIV virus on occasion that the condom breaks.

Following concerns that condoms reduce pleasure during intercourse, experts have divulged that besides the new condom being HIV proof, it also uses the antioxidants to increase pleasure.

According to one of the researchers who spoke to BBC, the antioxidants energizes the nerve endings hence heightening pleasure. The expert also revealed in the interview, that the condom would not be expensive and that it would only range between Sh80 to Sh100.

The idea for the project is reported to have originated from the Bill and Melinda0

Gates Foundation, the largest private foundation in the world founded by Microsoft’s Bill Gate and his wife Melinda Gates.

The ‘super condoms’ are set to hit the market in one year.