He that finds a pretty light-skin finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.

Yesterday we wrote to you or rather broke to you news of Comedian Chipukeezy getting engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Kerry. It was a perfect proposal on her birthday that had her tearing up for the man that she would be walking down the aisle with in the days to come.

Initially I thought it was a joke. You can never really trust a comedian.

However my doubting self has been quickly cast aside like a rag doll with the dawning that the comedian got “Really” engaged yesterday and had photos and a crowd to show for it.

In a message meant for his woman, Chipukeezy wrote a profound, passionate  message to the woman of his dreams. It read thus:

Chipukeezy: Well join me in wishing my fiancé @empwesskerry a happy birthday! have a blast as you celebrate your birthday today. I just want you know that i love you so much and i’m happy to love you and to know you. you are the most amazing woman i have ever met.thank you for saying yes to me. you encourage me to focus on my career/talent. You believe in me. They say behind every successful man there is a woman. well you are that woman. Everyday I pray that the lord will help us go through this and help us build the best family ever. .Happy birthday my love. My person. #shesaidyes !!!!!”