Men don’t require an array of things to get turned on, it
comes quite easy. Men have quick response to visual
stimuli. However, there are other weird things that turn
men on too. A shapely enticing figure, beautiful
cleávage and voluptuous behind are definitely appealing
but there are some unpredictable things as well that
turn men on. Here are some of them”

It’s still a mystery why men desire taken women. Of
course ladies do desire taken men too but most of the
time, it’s men who go out of their way to cross all
boundaries just to bed a taken woman. When a woman
says she has a boyfriend , men take that as a signal to
go ahead, despite all the risks involved. Maybe it’s the
thrill and desire to conquer.

A woman can be as a ugly as a Coca Cola can that has
been stepped on by Rick Ross but if she’s super
intelligent, men will fall for her to oblivion. When the
heavens allow it, we men love be close to women with
high IQ rather than ‘dumb pretty blondes’. Beauty with
brains is the ultimate package. But brains without
beauty can do anytime.

Two women together
Most urban male folk can admit to having watched pórn  involving two women at some point in their
lives. The real reason behind this weird obsession is
not yet known but since men are generally naughty
creatures that can be self-explanatory.

Séxual confidence
Men desire séxually mature women that don’t mind
initiating séx or taking control. The kind of women that
don’t mind trying out various things in the bedroom.

The kind that don’t have shyness as part of their
vocabulary.. This is as opposed to some women who
are super-stubborn in bed. The kind of women that
want it but tend to act like a young child who has seen
a doctor with a syringe. Men are also turned on by
women that approach them
Older or younger women
Some men are turned on by older women while some
are turned on by younger women, A good number even
end up spending most of their younger years looking for
sugar mummies instead of driving that energy into
academic and professional goals. And some older men
just can’t get enough of younger girls. Men with wives pay top dollar just to treat
young girls while their children get chased from school
due to lack of fees . Too sad, too weird but so true.