Making Love

You’ve heard (and tried) it all before: eat avocados,
watch a marathon of erotic TV shows like Zane’s
Chronicles or get a massage. Even if these usual turn-
ons work for you, sooner or later they start to feel tired
—which may make you less likely to respond to them.

Luckily, science has discovered a few more offbeat
things that crank up your appetite for séx.  Here are
some of them;

Scare yourself
After being in an adrenaline-pumping situation (say,
watching a horror movie, men and women find the
opposite gender more alluring.

When you’re doing something exciting, your heart is
racing and your nervous system is activated, much like
they would be if you were séxually aróused.

Drink red wine
Women who drink a glass of red daily report higher
levels of séxual desire and v*ginal lubrication,
compared with those who love alcohol or those who
didn’t drink at all.

Researchers suspect that red wine’s high levels of
polyphenols, a type of antioxidant, may help blood
vessels widen, which can increase blood flow to key
aróusal areas.

Lots of touching
Locking fingers with your sweetie can get you in the
mood. Even little acts of touching your partner release
oxytocin, a hormone that may boost closeness and
arousál. That’s according to science.

The trick is to be spontaneous. That out-of-the-blue
excitement from a touch you didn’t expect is what
prompts your body to pump out oxytocin and other
neurotransmitters related to séxual response, so choose
unexpected times to get a little grabby.

Color red
Turns out, that seeing your partner in red can put you in
the mood, suggests a University of Rochester study.

Red is a signal of status, love and power, and that turns
people on. So, crazy as it sounds, urge your bae to wear
red on date night—you may want to tear it off them
before you get home.

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