29-year-old Mercy Ndula is experiencing unimagined agony thanks to the action of a coldhearted Arab man.

Luqmaan Omar aka ‘Pesa Chafu’ has made Mercy Ndula regret what took her to Malindi Dishes, a restaurant located along Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi.

The lady who resides in Umoja Estate, lost her 3-week-old baby and she says Mr. Omar is the man who disappeared with her child.

According to Mercy, she used to frequent Malindi Dishes while she was pregnant after she developed serious craving for Swahili food.

It was during her regular visits to the restaurant that she got to know Luqmaan Omar. Mercy gave Omar her contacts for the latter to be preparing her delicacy in time so that she could just come and pick when it was ready.

Mercy ultimately stopped going to town and subsequently to Malindi Dishes during her final phase of pregnancy.

Omar called her to inquire about her whereabouts. He decided to visit her at her house in Umoja after she had delivered.

It was during Omar’s visit that Mercy lost her baby. She says left the baby with Omar and his cousin who were outside as she went to fetch water at the request of Omar’s cousin.

She returned only to find Omar, his cousin and her baby gone. She tried reaching the Arab man on his phone and it went unanswered.

The incident happened on 31st December 2015. Mercy and her hubby reported the matter to Buruburu Police Station but they couldn’t be assisted to trace Omar.

The suspect is said to have escaped to Arusha in Tanzania. Omar’s elder brother, who is the owner of Malindi Dishes, has refused to cooperate with the Mercy to help her get her baby back.


Mercy’s lost child






Luqmaan Omar

Credit: Citizen TV